Well ok then…

April 12, 2011

Here we go again. Tried getting Samantha to school this am and lo and behold – major tantrum. Crying, screaming – really hard time. I think that our huge playdate yesterday and a very busy weekend contributed to her having a meltdown. I started into negotiation mode which quickly led to yelling mode and then I quit. If this is what she needs then this is what she needs. She stayed home. My youngest had a playdate and that was a nice breather.

I am finding myself constantly doubting my decisions – should I have brought her kicking and screaming to school? Should I have continued fighting? I never know what the right answer is – and that is the really hard part – there is no right answer. We are all just doing the best we can with what we have right now, at this moment. Aren’t we? The blessing that special needs has given to me is to realize just that. Like Maya Angelou says – when we know better, we do better.

I am glad that you are joining me in my journey to see what this blog thing develops into. My hope is that it will help you understand that you are not alone in your struggles – whether you have typically developing kids, no kids, crazy animals or special needs kids. We are all in this together. We need to support each other in our struggles. Be there for each other – in love and kindness.



Welcome . . . . .

April 11, 2011

Hello and welcome to my blog… I am NOT a writer but I am a mom of three girls aged 9, 7 and 5 and my oldest daughter has a form of autism called PDD-NOS. She also has several other “disorders” – ADHD, executive functioning disorder, motor dyspraxia, seizure disorder and non-verbal learning disorder. This is just so you know her history -it certainly doesn’t define who she is. I find that I am constantly wanting to rant a bit on facebook and don’t want to bore my “friends” so… I will leave it up to you. Check in if you want – hear from other people perhaps who relate to each other in ways that may surprise them.

One of the most interesting things that I have learned on my journey is that people are people – each different in their own way and thank god we have these differences. The main issue that I find we all have with each other is finding ways to respect these differences and to love one another regardless. There is so much more that we have in common than we realize because we are so busy going thru our day and life without even recognizing one another as other people just trying their hardest to get thru.